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Rigamajig Junior Spinning Tops


Inspired by tops that we observed children making with Rigamajig Junior, we designed our Spinning Tops Kit for experimenting with inertia, symmetry, and motion!

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More about Rigamajig Junior Spinning Tops

  • Using one bolt as an axis, build different combinations of shapes and colors, then spin your tops to make cool optical illusions, patterns, and sounds.
  • The weirder the top, the bigger the surprise when it’s set in motion. Other creations and creatures will emerge, so explore those too. There are no instructions, only playful experimentation!
  • Contains 70 parts
  • Manufactured in Vietnam of high-quality wood.
  • Spinning Tops must be used with Rigamajig Junior and are not compatible with Rigamajig Basic Builder, Workshops, or Add-On Kits.
  • Complies with ASTM and Consumer Product Safety Testing for Children’s Toys, US, Canada and EU.
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