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Rigamajig Junior Additional Parts


Our Rigamajig Junior Additional Parts Kit expands the possibilities of your Rigamajig Junior, and includes 15 Brackets, 30 Short Bolts, 10 Long Bolts, and 40 Nuts.

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More about Rigamajig Junior Additional Parts

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  • Shipping is not included for orders shipped outside the 48 contiguous United States or to PO/FPO/APO addresses. Please email us at hi@rigamajig.com, tell us what you'd like to order, and we'll respond within 24 hours. It's fast and easy. Thank you!
  • Must be used with Rigamajig Junior, and is not compatible with the Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit, Workshops, or Add-On Kits.
  • To use a purchase order, please email hi@rigamajig.com.
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