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Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit

$3,865.00 $3,265.00

The Rigamajig Basic Builder is a large-scale building kit that inspires hands-on free play and STEAM learning. This collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope allows children to follow their curiosity through collaborative, creative, and open-ended play. Perfect for schools, children’s/science museums, libraries, community organizations, and maker spaces!

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More about Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit

  • Contains 260+ parts
  • Made and manufactured in the U.S.
  • Plastic parts made from 100% recycled nylon.
  • Wood parts made from the highest grade Baltic birch plywood and finished with a non-hazardous, air-pollutant-free finish.
  • Includes two milk crates for small piece storage.
  • Cart with contents weighs approximately 149 lbs.
  • Requires a minimum play area of 100 square feet (per kit)
  • Complies with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Testing for Children’s Toys, and tested for ages 3+.
  • Portable and sealable.
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