Rigamajig Junior Spinning Tops

Using one bolt as an axis, children can build different combinations of shapes and colors then spin it to make cool optical illusions, patterns and sounds.

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Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit

Rigamajig Basic Builder is ideal for classrooms, children’s museums and groups of children learning and playing collaboratively.

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Rigamajig Junior

Rigamajig Junior is designed for home use. Perfect for playing with on the floor, backyard, or even in the back seat.

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Simple Machines Add-On Kit

Expand the capabilities of your Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit with our Simple Machines kits! Simple Machines Add-On Kit includes gears, a new wheel-pulley, levers, belts, cranks, and axles.

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Chutes Add-On Kit

Expand the capabilities of your Rigamajig Basic Builder with our Chutes Add-On Kit! Experiment with cause and effect, gravity, and systems thinking by transforming your Rigamajig Basic Builder into a system of chutes and ramps.

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Locomotion Add-On Kit

Expand the capabilities of your Basic Builder Kit with the Locomotion Add-On Kit! Use Locomotion to make rolling, spinning, mobile contraptions.

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Rigamajig Junior Duffle Bag

Your favorite Rigamajig Junior duffle bag can now be sold individually.

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Sold as a set of 6.

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Rigamajig Aprons

A handy place to store all your Rigamajig pieces.

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Workshop Collection

Introducing Rigamajig Workshop! For classrooms, libraries, children’s museums, and makerspaces.

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Additional Parts

Purchase additional or replacements parts for the Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit and Rigamajig Junior.

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