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Rigamajig Jr. for creative play at home or on the go

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Designed to spark imagination, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

21st Century Skills

Through hands-on play kids develop physical, emotional, and intellectual skills to engage their world with confidence.


With no instructions or right-and-wrong answers, children are free to imagine what to make, and to figure out how to make it. Invention 101!


Playing with Rigamajig jr. promotes STEM/STEAM principles through inquiry-based learning that provide kids opportunities for creativity, innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Rigamajig Jr. for creative play at home or on the go!

Rigamajig Jr. is a scaled-down version of our Basic Builder Kit and the perfect size for home use (and great for schools, museums, libraries, and maker spaces too!). Ideal for hands-on free play in your living room, classroom, backyard, or the back seat, its handy storage duffle makes Rigamajig Jr. easy to put away and bring anywhere!
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A child playing with Rigamajig Jr.

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Rigamajig Jr. Spinning Tops Kit

We designed our Spinning Tops Kit for experimenting with inertia, symmetry, and motion! Build different combinations of shapes and colors, then spin your tops to make cool optical illusions, patterns, and sounds. The weirder the top, the bigger the surprise when it’s set in motion!
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Play Prompts

We’ve developed these Play Prompts to help inspire your imagination and creativity when playing with Rigamajig. The possibilities are endless, and we’d love to see what you build!
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