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Project plan category: K-2

Explore Rigamajig

This lesson plan introduces collaboration, abstract thinking, and problem solving.
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Preparative Actions

This plan introduces Rigamajig, through exploration, naming, and play through trial and error.
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Explore and Create

This lesson plan is an introduction to the Rigamajig materials and how they work.
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Free Play Fun!

This lesson plan introduces free play with collaboration, imagination, and risk taking.
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Sirens, Bells, and Great Big Yells!

Children will collaborate to make something that produces noise useful in communicating from one side of a room to another.
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Up and Down!

This lesson plan we will prompt children to focus play on a general goal: “Construct something that will move in a certain way.”
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Speak Friend and Enter!

This lesson plan introduces a particular human problem: how to build a structure that will protect the safety of indoors from external forces while allowing friendly animals to enter.
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My Invention DOES!

The lesson asks children to discuss and decide on an “invention” they can make to DO something for them or someone else.
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