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Explore and Build

This lesson plan is an introduction to the Rigamajig materials and how they work. Give children plenty of time to explore the properties of all the Rigamajig pieces and connectors, plus time to put pieces together to build anything they want.

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Turtle Shells, Bat Wings, and Other Protective Things

This lesson plan is designed to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving, plus collaboration within the group.

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A Tidal Wave is Coming!

This lesson plan introduces a specific and urgent human problem: how to build a structure that will protect people from the ravages of a tidal wave or flood.

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Driving Teddy—Across, Over, Up, and Down!

This lesson plan presents a complex problem with multiple goals and constraints. Children will need to think and plan, and then build a vehicle that does 3 different things.

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Future Building

This lesson plan will draw on children’s imagination about what life might be like in the future and what kinds of human-made devices children might need.

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