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Play Prompts

Play prompts for getting started

Build a Rigamajig that can lift something.

Build a Rigamajig you can get inside.

Build a contraption to take you to the center of the earth.

How many different ways can you join three pieces?

Build a contraption to send a bucket from one place to another.

Create something with four legs and a tail.

Give it a name. Make up a story about where it came from.

Build a structure that would allow you to live on a cloud.

Build a contraption that would allow you to ride a whale.

Tell a friend about your invention.

What is the tallest structure you can make with 5 pieces?

Using 15 pieces make a contraption that can hold a 10 lb. bag of potatoes.

What can you build with 20 pieces?

Tell and write how your contraptions work.

Make a structure that incorporates a balloon in a useful way.

Make a structure that incorporates an empty box.

Make a structure that incorporates a chair.

Use the Rigamajig to make a friend.

Now that you have made a structure…look at your neighbor’s creation and find a way to join your two structures to make a new one. What might it do?

Draw a picture of your Rigamajig creation and label the parts. Next, tell your neighbor instructions for how it works.

Invent your own prompts, or play without prompt!

We’ve developed these Play Prompts to help inspire your imagination and creativity when playing with Rigamajig. The possibilities are endless, and we’d love to see what you build!
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Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit

The Rigamajig Basic Builder is a large-scale, loose parts wooden building kit that inspires imagination, curiosity, and discovery through hands-on and open-ended play. Ideal for schools, children’s and science museums, libraries, community organizations, maker spaces, camps, and more, Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit empowers STEM/STEAM learning and 21st Century skills.
Two children playing with the Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit.

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