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Our Story

Sketches of Rigamajig.
Rigamajig was first designed and developed in 2011 by Cas Holman for Friends of the High Line in collaboration with early learning educators, woodworkers, and children.

It was launched in New York City’s High Line Park as the "High Line Children’s Workyard Kit," reflecting the park’s industrial history, simple, honest materiality, and the organization’s dedication to creating meaningful play opportunities for children and families.

Since its debut, Rigamajig products are now found in hundreds of schools, playgrounds, children’s and science museums, community organizations, libraries, maker spaces, and homes worldwide.
Rigamajig is designed to spark imagination, creativity, innovation, discovery, collaboration, and problem-solving skills through hands-on, experiential, and open-ended play. With no instructions or right-and-wrong answers, children are free to imagine what to make, and to figure out how to make it!

Teachers and educators love using Rigamajig throughout their curriculum to introduce students to STEAM / STEM principles and develop 21st Century skills.

Rigamajig's award-winning design is evolving and expanding as we continue to learn from educators, families, and our playful friends.

If you have a Rigamajig story to share, we'd love to hear from you at hi@rigamajig.com!

Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit

The Rigamajig Basic Builder is a large-scale wooden building kit that inspires imagination, curiosity, and discovery through hands-on and open-ended play. Ideal for schools, children’s and science museums, libraries, community organizations, and maker spaces, Rigamajig Basic Builder promotes STEAM / STEM learning and 21st Century skills.
Two children playing with the Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit.

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