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Rigamajig Basic Builder is a large-scale building kit ideal for libraries and as a permanent exhibition in children’s and science museums!

Rigamajig fosters fun and cooperative STE(A)M learning communities through hands-on, collaborative, and child-directed play.


Playing with Rigamajig promotes STE(A)M principles through cooperative, inquiry-based learning that provide kids opportunities for creativity, innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking.


Rigamajig motivates playful, cooperative learning where kids play within a community and share resources.


With no instructions or right-and-wrong answers, children are free to imagine what to make, and to figure out how to make it. Invention 101!

Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit

Rigamajig Basic Builder is a large-scale building kit that inspires collaborative and creative hands-on free play, discovery, innovation, problem-solving skills, and STE(A)M learning. Ideal for play spaces and as permanent exhibitions in children’s and science museums, and libraries!
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Two children playing with the Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit.

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Resources for Museums & Libraries

Getting Started

Helpful introductory guidance for educators on bringing Rigamajig to your museum or library.
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Project Plans

We've developed these 20+ research-based Project Plans to help educators inspire kids in their communities!
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Looking to apply for a grant to purchase your Rigamajig? We’ve done the research for you! Here’s 25 foundations and organizations that provide education and STE(A)M grants to museums and libraries.
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Rigamajig Workshops

Workshops offer a convenient, practical, and fun storage and display option in easy-to-use, freestanding units. Perfect for schools, children’s and science museums, libraries, community organizations, and maker spaces!
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Two children playing with Rigamajig Basic Builder Workshop.

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