Getting Started

Facilitator Support

Teachers will discover how to study abstract and concrete concepts with their students. Rigamajig is meant to support children’s creativity and encourages them to ask questions and to wonder about all the possibilities that can surface from one study or project to the next. It can be used for more than just play. Here children are taking their play and using it to learn. As an educator we must begin with creating a certain kind of environment that needs to be conscious of time, space and what is developmentally appropriate. It’s going to look differently in different schools and at different ages, and educators need to be comfortable with that. There is no one way or answer that is going to solve everything. This is an exploratory toy that can be used to support the learning of a diverse population of young minds.

Educators must keep in the forefront that Rigamajig’s purpose is to encourage children to be creators, problem solvers, to work cooperatively, and to illustrate their ideas in a practical and concrete way. If one is mindful of these suggestions, they will find that it is a useful tool in the classroom, and they will see their students grow developmentally, creatively and cooperatively through the experiences and processes.

As the facilitator, teachers need to

  • Provide a free space/forum for students to share their experiences
  • Allow for students to document with pictures/video and recorded conversations that they may have
  • Understand that Rigamajig illustrates and is certainly not limited to concepts in creativity, literacy, math, science, cooperative learning, language development, free play, fun, and exploration
  • Provide scaffolding of how to use Rigamajig in the classroom. Students and teachers will establish language and rules for using Rigamajig. Lines of communication are essential.
  • Allow space for reflection i.e. show what works, what didn’t work, and how it was solved. What was fun and what was challenging?
  • Provide new questions and challenges for more in depth questions and deeper exploration