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Rigamajig is used in classrooms, museums, and in organizations internationally! STEAM and SEL has never been so collaborative, cooperative, and creative.

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Rigamajig Partners and Friends

Being a part of the Rigamajig community means more than just receiving our products. We support our schools, museums, child care centers, and educators with play prompts, project plans, and a direct line to our team whenever they need it. In return, our partners and friends have shared with us the joy that Rigamajig brings to their organization, so we'd like to share that with you!
Reach out to us if you have Rigamajig and would like to be featured as well!

Science Museum of Oklahoma

Designing For Play
The Science Museum of Oklahoma's Designing for Play exhibit explored the work of Rigamajig designer Cas Holman, who has been designing playthings and play-spaces that encourage exploration, imagination, and collaboration for more than two decades. Be sure to visit and take a look into how Cas got to Rigamajig and other play systems and how children can take it even further through their own creative play!


LaCasaJuego is an awesome child daycare in Providencia, Chile, focused on caring for children directly at home and in person. Their incredible use of Rigamajig Junior is a community highlight that we are proud to share with you.
Learn more:

Carroll School

Carroll School is a dynamic independent day school for elementary and middle school students in grades 1-9 who have been diagnosed with specific learning difficulties in reading and writing, such as dyslexia. We are proud to have Rigamajig featured in their classrooms, exploring the connectivity of language learning, STEAM, and collaborative play!  Read Amy Dempster's great blog post about Uncovering the Langue Lessons of STEM, featuring Rigamajig.
Read their blog post about 'Uncovering the Language Lessons of STEM', featuring Rigamajig.

Virginia Space Flight Academy

In coordination with NASA Wallops Visitor Center, Virginia Space Flight Academy's Space Adventure Camp is an annual week-long camp featuring aerospace, coding, and robotics held at Wallops Island, Virginia. Their Rigamajig Basic Builders are at the center of some incredible engineering programming they do!

COCOLO International

COCOLO International is an incredible education center in Oita, Japan. COCOLO always goes above and beyond with their Rigamajig play, so they've definitely earned their spot in the Rig in Action Hall of Fame! We are so thankful to call them our Play Partners.

Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit

The Rigamajig Basic Builder is a large-scale, loose parts wooden building kit that inspires imagination, curiosity, and discovery through hands-on and open-ended play. Ideal for schools, children’s and science museums, libraries, community organizations, maker spaces, camps, and more, Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit empowers STEM/STEAM learning and 21st Century skills.
Two children playing with the Rigamajig Basic Builder Kit.

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